Detail Engineering

Proper project planning is the most important step of any telecommunications build-out. We don’t recommend you chance it, doing so puts your entire project in jeopardy and invites chaos. Building your infrastructure right the first time ensures ease of expansion and long-term ROI.

Let our experienced team help you lay the groundwork for a successful implementation. We can design comprehensive engineering design packages to ensure installation teams are armed with the most current and accurate data. We also offer:

  • Site Surveys
  • Cable Measurement
  • Detailed Equipment Inventory
  • LOM – List of Materials
  • Detail Specifications
  • Detailed Work Instruction
  • VD Power Calculations
  • Transmission and Power Engineering
  • Detailed Project Drawings

NCT has the capability to assist our customers on all projects. Whether you’re adding a shelf or building out a new environment, we will work diligently to provide the engineering services required to meet your budget. Contact us today!