Site Surveys

Site surveys are an integral part of any project. As the first step of Project Engineering, site surveys ensure proper placement of equipment and ordering of installation materials. Engineering details are clearly identified and communicated with our customers. With accurate site survey data, work scope can be verified allowing for a seamless installation. NCT can provide the following deliverables in a site survey:

  • Verification of site readiness for project implementation
  • Power assignments and capacity
  • Fiber, Timing, and DCN assignments
  • DS1/DS3 assignments
  • Verification of OSP entrance facility/assignments
  • Cut-sheet of installation materials, including pricing and availability
  • Detailed site drawings – including fiber raceway, rack front views and floorplans
  • Cable lengths and verified pathways
  • Photos of site conditions
  • Protocols for site access
  • Dock & delivery requirements

Partnering with a single partner for the survey, engineering and implementation of a project not only simplifies a project but helps reduce cost. NCT has the capability to assist our customers on all projects both near and far. Whether you’re adding a shelf or building out a new area, we will serve as your turnkey EF&I supplier. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities.