There is irony in the fact that removing infrastructure can be more difficult than installing infrastructure. Underestimated is the value of an experienced partner that knows the processes involved with removing equipment and the potential impact to your network. NCT offers removals services with an experienced team of installation professionals; who are able to complete the project without affecting your business operations.

As an AT&T Tier 1 Removal vendor, we offer:

  • Full Office Decommissions – End to end, we’ll remove all equipment, racking, cabling and power.
  • Data collection – Update electronic equipment inventory and floor plan databases
  • 1AESS, 2BESS, 5ESS, Siemens, Nortel DMS (10, 100, 200, 500) Switch removals.
  • Power Plant / Battery Removals.
  • Cable Mining – Serving multiple floors and cable holes.
  • Transport Equipment of all generations.

NCT understands the complications and potential consequences of improperly executed projects. Sometimes it makes sense to retire in place (RIP), other times space constraints require action. Contact us to schedule a site visit and review your removal needs.