Project Management

As the demand for bandwidth rapidly grows year over year, the strain on existing networks often reaches the tipping point. Networks designed for the tools of a decade ago often aren’t scalable — at least not to the extent required by today’s high resolution online video content and lightning-fast communication capabilities. These networks require constant expansion and continually increasing capacity to meet the demands of their customers. Often times the logistics of that expansion are vast and complicated. NCT provides full Project Management solutions for your business needs, which are designed to improve your daily operations and increase your profitability.

Our project management services include:

  • Project Scope – We’ll survey your project and provide a detailed scope of work, project schedule and budget.
  • Procurement – We’ll source and provide logistics management of major/minor materials.
  • Management of Resources – We’ll appropriately allocate resources based on skill set to ensure efficiency and cost-effective execution.
  • Budget and Personnel Management – We’ll manage the project budget and train, hire and oversee personnel as required.

NCT specializes in Central Office applications and Data Centers. We have the capability to assist our customers on all projects both large and small. Whether you’re adding a shelf or building out a new area, we will serve as your one-stop shop for EF&I services. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities.